Just wanted to get some thoughts out regarding the site while I have them in my head.

On the site theme: I’m not particularly happy with it, but it’s close to what I wanted and didn’t require a lot of fiddling to get it this way. Some text still ends up black-on-black and I’m not sure (read: don’t feel like looking up) how to fix it. If you know of a good dark mode wordpress theme let me know somewhere.

On the post images: This theme is stuck with having to have a “featured image” in every post, otherwise it just displays a large black square on the main page and in any category feeds. So for the most part I’m picking random pictures I took and sticking them in there. I don’t have that many good pictures, though, so after a while you’re either going to see repeats or photos of my houseplants.

On editing and formatting: I try to avoid publishing anything with glaring spelling or grammatic errors (editing text is a big part of my day job) but things might slip through. I will then immediately notice and fix it, so if you notice a mistake on a recent post I’ve probably already got the post open for editing. Since this is largely replacing my stream-of-consciousness twitter account I’m not going to do a lot of formatting on most posts, but the bigger guide-style posts will have headings and look nicer in general since that’s what I’m trying to get people to come to the site to read. Randomly blogging on a Sunday night you’ll be lucky if I bold a word or two.

On socials: I mainly posted on twitter before, and mostly stopped for obvious reasons. I’ve got mastodon and bluesky accounts but the main reason I set this up was to have a place to post without being subject to factors beyond my control. Plus I have twitch streams, youtube videos, soundcloud…uploads(?), and other posts around the internet so this is an easy way to just consolidate things.

On RSS: I think wordpress still has it, I just haven’t taken the time to look up how to use it. When I do I’ll put a big button somewhere on the page. Very big. You won’t be able to miss it.

On post categorization: For the most part, most posts will be about a single subject, so categorization will largely align with the post content. But I’m prone to tangents so if I significantly talk about another topic in a post I’ll tag both categories. This isn’t going to be an issue until there’s tons of posts and hopefully by then I’ll know if this works or figure out something better.

On metaposting: Yeah that’s gonna happen. By quantity these will probably be the most common type of post, but I’ll make up for it with quality in the effortposts.

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