It’s a new year so that’s probably a good time to check in. I’ll keep this to some short bullet points:

  • I don’t plan to resume any regularly scheduled posting in the near term. However:
  • I will be posting somewhat irregularly about a bunch of things I wanted to be posting when I first set up this site. Namely,
  • Factorio Mini-Guides! The first one is going up this afternoon (EST) and I have a few more drafts in the pipeline which I will just publish whenever they’re ready.
  • With Minecraft 1.21 being somewhat soon (I think), I might look at starting up the survival LP/tutorial series again when that comes out. I did get started on it in 1.20.1, but didn’t really like the world seed and abandoned that playthrough.
  • I’m still playing on a couple of servers and might post whatever I get up to from those places occasionally. At some point I’m going to finish our grand central rail station.

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