Dishwasher updates, after one month of ownership:

  • The filters will clog if there is literally anything solid on the dirty dishes, so I’m having to do a light pre-wash on more things than I expected to have to.
  • The top arm doesn’t spin sometimes, but that doesn’t seem to be impacting cleaning power.
  • It does, however, seem to be impacting rinsing, as I’m getting a lot of leftover detergent spots on the topside of items.
  • This problem was mostly solved by sourcing some powder detergent, as the pods just had way more detergent than the dishwasher was expecting. The bad news is I seem to have obtained the last box available, and it was slightly damaged in shipping (really only cosmetic damage) – the product is now out of stock. The good news is, based on how much I need for a load, this one box will last me about two years.
  • Having a dishwasher has changed my cooking habits, probably for the better. Rather than making huge batches and packaging a lot of leftovers so I would need to clean individual dishes less often, I can just make smaller meals and wash smaller dishes right after I use them. Obviously some things it still makes sense to make in larger batches, but in general I’ve made portion control less of an issue.

Blog & Gaming updates:

  • I’ve had a version of the Factorio block base series intro sitting in drafts for a while now, but I’m not sure I’m going to go through with the series at this point. I might edit the post to serve as a one-off and explain why in more detail, but in short I am mostly going to be leaving Factorio alone until 2.0. There’s just too many QoL upgrades coming to want to play the game in its current state, and that’s before even considering all the new content in the expansion.
  • There will be some irregular Minecraft posts starting soon; on the server I play I’m mostly killing time until 1.21 comes out, so rather than start or continue any major projects, I’m trying to get one small build done every time I log on. A brief summary of what I’ve done so far will go up tomorrow.
  • Scheduled posts will go up on Tuesdays and Fridays from now on, but there will not necessarily be a post every Tuesday or Friday. While I’m in a writing mood, I’m trying to get a backlog started again, and two posts a week will make that last at least a little while.
  • I’ve been playing a lot of civ 6 lately but it’s not really something I want to write about very much. I’ve also started a new casual ONI map, but it won’t be a series.
  • I did another playthrough of Raft recently, for the first time since all the story was released. And for once I’m actually happy with how the raft turned out.

The upper room has the kitchen and all my food storage; the lower deck has all the material storage, machines, and other items; and on the very top are my crops and grass plots.

The main kitchen area, complete with breakfast bar. The cabinets double as storage drawers for empty glasses and bowls.
The front portion of the lower deck, before I moved the kitchen and grass plots upstairs.
The back half of the lower deck, with the biofuel refinery, storage tank, engines, anchor, and paint mill.
The finished ship, with trophy out front. After the anchor was upgraded, all navigation could be done from the front of the middle deck and I only really ever need to go downstairs for materials, so I added the drawbridges to get on and off the boat at islands.

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