I play games and do some casual speedrunning. Used to do web programming and made some small games but I’m out of that scene now. Also making music.

I also go by or have gone by Roflex and LAGBOT 30000 and probably some other names I’m forgetting.

Back when I was doing web programming this was my main sandbox site and I wrote a small image hosting platform in php and some other web toys. Those are all gone now. So I’m starting fresh and plan on using this to write a bunch of articles/guides about the games I play and speedrun. And maybe anything else I think about writing about.

I’m not 100% sold on this theme yet, if anyone knows of a good dark mode theme that works for what will mostly be text content let me know on one of my socials. In the meantime I’ve done some customization to it and tried to make it look good (at least what I think looks good).

I am not intentionally putting any kind of tracking, analytics, or other privacy-invading things on the site. I do have a pageviews tracker installed, which just increments a counter. And things I embed are probably tracking you, not much I can do about that.

Other Content

I’ve posted a lot of material on other platforms in the past and will continue to do so. Anything new I put up I will also link to from here. Or follow me in those other places, links above or on the Links page. RSS is also available (see the menu at top).