The first post in this series has all the details about what and why I’m doing this, but in short I’m trying to finish one build every time I log onto the server.

Build #11: Mini Sea Pickle Farm

This takes a bare minimum of redstone to set up. The 8 outer coral blocks have sticky pistons underneath, with target blocks underneath them. A ring of redstone dust around the target blocks activates the sticky pistons twice when an observer observes a button being pressed, raising and then lowering the coral blocks. This breaks any sea pickles that the dispenser, facing downwards, created when it bonemealed the center pickles. There is a second ring of waterlogged stairs underneath the top layer, to ensure the coral stays hydrated when the blocks move up and down.

I could’ve added a clock to trigger the pistons automatically, and I could’ve added a collection system. I didn’t. So it’s not perfectly efficient but it got me about 5 stacks of sea pickles from 1 stack of bone blocks.

Build #12: Back to the portal

Not even sure if I should count this, but the whole reason I built the farm was to light up around the spawn portal with sea pickles. I did that.

Build #13: Pickle Shop?

This isn’t really a shop, but I filled one of the empty display cases in the grocery store with pickles. The glass (mostly) hides the water behind, so the pickles can give off light.

The grocery store is still half empty so I need to spend some time filling it in. This is a great place to focus on small one-session builds.

Project #14: Rocket Box

This isn’t really a build, but I was running out of rockets so I filled up my fireworks box. The ones on the bottom right are…special (thanks admin).

Didn’t actually get all that much done in the past week due to playing other games. But something is better than nothing, and 1.21 can’t come soon enough.

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