While the article category will list all articles on ONI, this only does so in chronological order and doesn’t provide an easy way to find a specific article. As I add builds and tutorials I will update this page which categorizes articles in a more useful fashion. Some of these categories are placeholders and may change if I feel there’s a better way to organize things. I might link some articles in multiple categories if they cross over a lot.

I have listed some things here that don’t have articles yet, but they are planned to be coming soon.

General Notes

These builds are just how I prefer to play the game. There’s no “right” way to do anything, and there’s multiple factors that go into whether a build is right for your base. You might want the most efficient mechanism, or easiest to build, or lowest tech. My builds lean towards the lower tech end but are mostly “middlegame”. I use an airlock mod; most of these can be built with liquid locks, but you might need to adapt some parts of it to fit your specific game setup.

Most of these are not a perfectly optimal way to set things up. I would like to hear about anything that seems like a mistake, but don’t tell me there’s XYZ build over there that is 0.2% more efficient. The links menu above has many ways to contact me.

These are also not block-by-block tutorials. I will give you all the details about how I built it, but there is flexibility, and I try to outline the specific components and what’s important mechanically vs. what can be moved around to fit your specific situation. My early experience with ONI was seeing a lot of “build it exactly this way” and I don’t want to replicate that. Most of the concepts employed are flexible, adjustable, and customizable. You don’t have to build everything exactly as I did, and I encourage you to pick apart the builds piece-by-piece, to gain greater understanding of the underlying mechanics.

Also, for the most part I will be doing all these builds in real, “live” saves and not in sandbox mode. Even if I’m not providing step-by-step instructions, I still want to know what problems you might come across when trying to do these builds in your own game, and will relay this information if I come across it.

Finally, if you’re a creator and using any of these in your content, I would appreciate receiving credit. If there’s anything I use that’s from someone else’s content, I try to provide as much credit as I can. While I don’t believe anyone should “own” ideas as used in things like ONI builds, proper attribution can at least cut down on the prevalence of people who take other people’s content and put their own sheen on it for profit.

That’s a lot of words. Time for some builds.

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Oxygen / CO2 Management


  • TBD


  • TBD

Farming / Ranching

  • Dreckos & Fertilizer

Heating and Cooling

Production / Industry

  • TBD

Volcanos / Geysers

  • Geotuning for Fun and Profit

Oil / Petroleum / Natural Gas

  • Hot Rocks Petroleum Boiler


  • TBD


  • TBD