If this post seems disjointed, it probably is. I’m editing this together over multiple sessions as I explore various 1.20 features, and will probably be updated as I get to the rest of them.

Trail Ruins and Armor Trims

One of the very first things I did after the server updated to 1.20 was get all my client side mods updated. After that the first thing was to find a trail ruin (with the help of chunkbase) and start brushing some gravel. I came away with a decent haul, but also broke a lot of gravel by accident since I was working bottom-up due to how the ruin spawned on the edge of a taiga forest.

Not pictured: All the glass panes and useless items found

Unfortunately I only found 3 out of the 4 armor trims so to complete the collection at some point I’m going to need to find another ruin (or trade with someone else on the server who finds it). Of course I had to try them all out on my main set of armor.

Due to our server’s ridiculous ore generation it wasn’t long before I had duplicated half a stack of each of these, and started setting up display stands in the mall’s department store area.

I have 5 stacks of diamond blocks, but not enough iron for helmets.

Bamboo Blocks and Hanging Signs

I wasted no time in using the hanging signs almost everywhere I could. They worked particularly well in the main halls of the mall.

At some point these shops will be filled. At least the signs can be edited then.

One of the bigger plans I have for the mall is to build a jungle/rainforest-themed restaurant spanning the 3rd and 4th floors of the mall’s south wing. This meant I quickly found out how inadequate my bamboo farm was. Finishing this up will have to wait for another day, but the bones are in place now.

One nice thing I found while doing this is Xaero’s World Map now shows interiors in the fullscreen map view. This also makes it easy to see the layout and extent of the mall.

That weird circle in the top right is the creeper farm someone else built in the spawn chunks. We are never short of gunpowder here.

Cherry Trees

Basically the second thing I did after the update was find a cherry tree biome. Thankfully there was an unexplored region relatively close to my base that also happened to have the biome, so I went straight there.

2000 blocks isn’t really all that far.

It didn’t take long before I was using (or perhaps overusing) the new wood blocks in builds. I want to get the bookstore in the mall stocked eventually, and this required a new villager prison camp trading area.

Also pictured: overuse of hanging signs. Regular signs would hold enough text to have the full book names.


Another player on the server found and retrieved one camel while I was off playing other games, so I set out to find another one so we could start breeding them (and then everyone can have camels). Unlike the cherry grove biome, there were no nearby desert villages that hadn’t already been generated. Nearest I could find on chunkbase was a cluster of 3 around a mesa biome, about 8 thousand blocks east of spawn.

Our main nether tunnel runs north/south and the farthest east it goes is about 200 blocks, not even a quarter of the way there. Somehow I ran out of netherrack and most of the path along this height runs through open air so I wouldn’t be getting much more on the way, so the nether tunnel design we’d been using to date would require a lot of extra unnecessary nether mining. So I went with a new design.

Still uses a lot of nether brick for the fences though.

Going to eventually come up with something to fill in the non-open sides (e.g. the right wall shown above). I got about 100 blocks before getting tired of bridging over a lava sea, and did a bit of work from the other side, also getting about 100 blocks (not making the full tunnel from that side, just building a supporting platform to build the tunnel on later and take the camel back now). Even that proved to be something I couldn’t get done in a morning, so the tunnel is on hold for now.

I did get the far end portal built, which put me in a cave (of course). After pillaring up to the surface I relocated the portal and started flying towards the nearest village, still about 800 blocks from the portal. This was right on the edge of already generated chunks from 1.18 or 1.19, which created some interesting cliffs as the game attempted to blend a warm ocean with a desert/badlands.

Would make a cool spot for a base if it wasn’t so far away from everything.

I got to the village and as expected there was a camel there. Getting it back home is an exercise for another time, subject to either completing the nether tunnel or just taking it back over land. There doesn’t appear to be any significant bodies of water on the way back, so just riding it through the overworld might be my best option.

Also this village spawned with only 3 houses but somehow half a dozen golems.

Pottery, Chiseled Bookshelf

There isn’t much to show about this yet, you saw the pottery sherds I found above in the trail ruins section. I haven’t crafted them into a pot yet and that’s because I want to use them in another part of the mall, obviously a pottery shop. I have to decide where I want the shop, how I want to decorate it (probably lots of terracotta?), and do some more exploration to get a good amount of stocks before opening it.

Chiseled bookshelves however are getting immediate use in the bookstore. They will also make it much easier to see what’s in need of restocking.

Also need to work out pricing. Diamonds are worthless on this server so I came up with an alternative.

Unexplored Features

I haven’t done any archaeology on ocean ruins yet so probably the biggest thing I haven’t obtained is a sniffer egg or anything else associated with the sniffers. There are of course many more armor trims to obtain but I will probably be trading for a lot of them from other players on the server. And finally, I haven’t done anything with regular sculk sensors, so working with the calibrated sensor is probably going to be reserved for whenever someone posts a farm that uses one.

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