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Making a first post is hard when you’re not in a youtube comment section. I have a few longer-form posts I want to put together, but those are going to take some time. So for now I want to go over what I’ve been up to for the past couple years (basically since hdot went down).

First, STRPG as a game is dead. I’m still working on the soundtrack, most of which I’ve posted up on youtube. I don’t have the skills, capacity, or resources to do about 80% of the things the game would need to work towards being something playable, and unless I win the powerball on Tuesday I probably won’t ever. Most of that 80% is art, 3D models and textures, character portraits, etc.; the rest is writing and non-music sound stuff. I still have most of the resources and planning documents, so I’m never going to declare it completely dead, but don’t expect anything besides music for a while. I might review some of the design docs and turn them into posts on mechanics design and balance.

In other music news, I’m still working on The 2022 Project, currently re-titled The 2023 Project and probably will be The 2024 or 2025 Project by the time it’s done. Some previews are up on the soundcloud. STRPG Soundtrack work is for now limited to polishing existing tracks. Since the soundtrack is no longer tied to the game I can also edit and publish some of it in other ways, like I did with the Winter Mix:

2023 Winter Mix (Youtube)

Secrets in the Forest and Under the Stars have both had further edits made and are up on soundcloud:
Secrets in the Forest (Soundcloud)
Under the Stars (Soundcloud)

Speedrunning-wise, I haven’t touched Godzilla (NES) RTA or TAS in a long time and probably won’t go back to them any time soon. Same with FFT Autobattle, for the sole reason that it just takes too long to do a run. Getting the time down significantly is probably possible but requires even more time to work on routing.

Any time I would’ve had to devote to routing FFT ended up going into routing GW2 key runs. Expect several posts on that soon, but a lot of the notes have been incorporated into the subtitle commentary on the 2nd-best run (best so far was 1:34:53):

Guild Wars 2 Key Speedrun in 1:37:12 with Subtitle Commentary (Youtube)

Also been putting a lot of time into Rocket League on-and-off. Still stuck in mid-Champ, but that’s just keeping up with the playerbase as a whole improving. Cube should be a permanent mode.

A Cube Goal in Rocket League

Currently playing a lot of Minecraft on a private server, mostly vanilla with some light server-side mods. My main projects there have been working on a gigantic semi-underground shopping mall and building up the public overworld transit infrastructure (e.g. rails). I will do some posts on my builds and probably some video tours at some point as well.

A rail bridge that connects to the main station on the server (just out of view in the distance)
Grand Central rail station under construction
Shopping Mall west entrance (center), grocery store (bottom right), and parking garage (top)
Mall interior, 2nd floor, with bookstore at back left

In less-online games, I played a ton of Factorio for a while but haven’t touched it very recently. Might go back and pull out some old builds when I’m running short on content. Also spent a lot of time in Timberborn, Songs of Syx, Rimworld, and Raft, but I probably won’t post about those much if at all. But the game I’ve been playing the most of, and which will be the subject of several upcoming posts, is Oxygen Not Included. As a teaser, here’s a screenshot of a petroleum boiler. As a hint on what makes this build unique, the left chamber is not filled with petroleum.

ONI petroleum boiler with a very special transfer medium

The build is working in my live game. It’s going to take a while to put together step-by-step instructions and get all the screenshots for the post about this, but I’m trying to have it done this week. Stay tuned.

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