This isn’t a complete return to normal, but I’ve got some things in the pipeline that will be coming Soon™. Just got home from a much needed vacation, which means I have a lot of job-work piled up to do, but I also have more energy so I might just be able to swing some new posts as well.

ONI 1D1T: This isn’t coming back on any given timetable. My computer just cannot handle the number of dupes required, and an upgrade is not in the cards anytime soon either. It was taking almost a full day of running in the background to get through enough cycles for one post, and I still need to use my computer for other things. ONI content isn’t completely dead though, there’s some builds and tutorials I want to showcase and these will be coming out sporadically as I get them done, but it’s not the top priority.

Upcoming series ideas: I still want to continue with serial content of some sort, but preferably something that won’t take longer to make than I schedule between posts. Whatever the next series is, I will probably just start with one update per week, and add in extra posts if I get too much of a backlog. I might also run two series simultaneously, but I would want a lot of backlog of both before starting that.

None of these are going to be posted within the next couple of weeks, but I might start by the end of October. I have a lot of ideas brewing but these are on the top of the list:

  • Vanilla Minecraft LP/Beginner Tutorial: I’ve seen some demand around the internet for a text-based guide since not everyone wants to watch videos for everything. That’s kind of why I started this whole blog. I, personally, don’t enjoy singleplayer all that much, so I might wait for a new SMP server to spin up or run my own.
  • Factorio 10x Tech Cost + MSP (challenge): I’ve done some of this offline in the recent weeks, and it certainly is a challenge. I was also running this with Dangoreus but that really doesn’t work out too well since the ore ratios aren’t the same as vanilla, and it makes the early game Dangoreus copper excess about 10 times worse. But I will probably find some other difficulty multiplier to make it interesting. Deathworld maybe?
  • Games I haven’t finished and want to give another look: Stardew Valley, Songs of Syx
  • Games I have played a lot of but not recently and want to give another look: Raft, Timberborn, Dwarf Fortress, Dyson Sphere Program, Banished
  • Games I might spend one or two posts on but not a full series. I don’t have a list for this one but I’m sure it would be a long list if I spent more than 10 seconds looking at my library.
  • Back shelf stuff I might come back to if I’m really finding myself out of options (Rimworld, Kerbal Space Program, various RPGs)
  • Other: I recently got a DolphinBar and everything working with that, so maybe some Wii games?

Non-gaming posts: It’s getting to be soup weather so I might write up some more recipes soon. I would also like to finish the 2022 album by the end of 2023, as unlikely as that seems, so there might be some music coming. And I have been working on a fiction series for a while, but will probably wait to post it until it’s nearly done.

Schedule Notes: I will continue to run scheduled posts at 23:00 UTC, which means posts will shift by an hour local time for those observing DST when it ends. Can we just abolish DST already?

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