I still don’t want to do 800 blocks of nether bridging, so it was time to bring the camel back through the overworld. The camel village was so far away I didn’t even have most of the area between explored on my map. (But I did check chunkbase and made sure there weren’t any gigantic oceans in the way). It wasn’t going to be a straight shot back to spawn, but there shouldn’t be any major obstacles in the way.

Spawn is by the badlands in the lower left; I’m at the red triangle in middle right. This is 8,244 blocks east and 828 blocks north of spawn.

So I grabbed a saddle from my base, flew over to the nether-side portal, and hopped on the camel. And stole a bed from the village since this was likely to take more than one day. (Spoiler: it did)

Me, a camel, and open roads ahead.

Shortly after setting off I came across a mesa mineshaft that had breached the surface, so I stopped for a minute to loot some chests and rails. Things were largely uneventful until I reached the end of the badlands where my options were to cross a river or go through a forest. After sleeping for the first night, I scouted ahead briefly and saw that both options would eventually be blocked by rivers but if I went north through the forest I would eventually reach the end of the river and a land path through.

The recent changes to world generation also left a lot of ravines that had to be carefully traversed.

Eventually (after another night’s sleep) I got through the forest and into relatively open plains.

Those didn’t last very long and eventually I was met with a dense jungle with many wide rivers. Rivers turned out to be a lot less of a hassle than I expected them to be, because of the camel’s dash ability.

On the fourth day I came across one of the largest villages I’ve ever seen naturally generated. Following the plains I also came across a pillager outpost which I noted for future use.

But the plains did come to an end, and I was faced with a snowy taiga that appeared to be massive, and it was – about 800 blocks at the widest point.

I was mostly able to get across using the tops of trees but stumbled into some deep powder snow at a few points and the camel got very injured. But I did get out of it in the end, and also took note of the near side’s coordinates to come back later with a few shulkers and a lot of buckets.

Also this cool mountain.

If I didn’t already have a mountain base I would definitely be setting one up around here.

It was day 6 and almost an hour of real time into the journey when I ran into a large body of water that I wasn’t expecting to see. But, I was most of the way home and not about to let a lake stop me.

The path around the lake went over some stony cliffs with a great example of this server’s ridiculous ore generation.

This is why it’s so difficult to set up a shop on this server.

I knew I was getting close when I saw a boat with two pillagers in it, a sure sign that someone had previously been in this part of the world. Note I’ve detoured over a thousand blocks north by this point, still trying to find a way through.

So it took a bit longer but eventually I found one of the public paths that had been built, which was somewhat lit up so I felt relatively safe running through at night.

Not that safe after all.

This path led to one of my offshoot farms, where I also had a convenient tent set up to spend the night.

This farm has my bees, horse stables, and a very large carrot/potato field.
It’s not much but it’ll pass the night.

I took the main rail bridge into spawn town, but the final delivery point was another 600 blocks south at another player’s base. So I hopped in the nether portal at spawn and out at their base. This…did not go well.


You can get on the camel but can’t move it. It won’t get in a boat and it can’t be pushed. Even worse, you can’t get in the portal because the camel pushes you out before the animation finishes. So now after over an hour of real time I have a useless camel stuck in a useless portal at someone else’s base. Oh well.

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