• I’ve now played through cycle 250, but haven’t written Part 9 (cycles 160-180) yet. On Thursday morning, only a few hours after writing the last schedule update I had a small health emergency (I’m recovered now) and basically lost two days.
  • As I mentioned in the last post the game is getting extremely slow. I played as much as I could over the weekend and only managed 30 cycles. Even worse, I’m reaching the stage of the game where there’s not a lot happening worth writing about; a lot of waiting around for dupes to print, digging to happen, and pipes to flow.
  • Therefore, both for my own sanity and for the quality of the series, I’m scaling back to even less frequent updates than previously anticipated. I will give a small spoiler here and mention that a lot of the cycles 220-250 gameplay was just focused on cleaning up the base in the hopes of performance improvements, and it wasn’t entirely unsuccessful.
  • So this plan is still subject to change based on real life events and gameplay considerations, but for now I’m aiming to have two posts per week at minimum, as well as stepping away from the 20 cycles per post framework. If there’s more or less to write about in a given period of gameplay I will write around that rather than trying to make it seem like there’s more happening than there actually is.
  • Through cycle 220 I will still be doing about 20 cycles per post, which gets through Part 11. Part 12 will be at least 30 cycles (as mentioned I’ve played up through 250) which means on this new schedule I’ve got two weeks of backlog already. The hope is to play enough on the weekend for one update, and enough during the week for another, and maintaining a 3-4 update backlog, so there’s posts available if there’s another event that keeps me from playing or posting.
  • Starting next week the schedule will be, at minimum, Tuesday and Thursday. This week, since I need to catch up on writing, the updates will either be Wednesday and Friday or Thursday and Friday.
  • I haven’t received the bills yet but I am almost certainly going to have a lot of medical expenses both from last week and going forward (on top of lost time at work), so any support is appreciated.
  • I don’t want this change in schedule for the series to result in a significant drop in the total number of posts, though. So I’m going to also add some other games in and maybe even some non-gaming content. This probably won’t start for another week or two (at least until I have my desired ONI backlog), but it’s coming.

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