• Part 7 of ONI 1D1T is the last one I have written right now, and I won’t have time to finish it before the regularly schedule time tomorrow. In retrospect I should not have scheduled it for what is normally the end of my workday when I’m working.
  • Therefore starting tomorrow (July 27), scheduled posts will be going up later in the day, probably 3 hours later (20:00 EDT – which will be 0:00 UTC when DST is on, but I will probably keep it at 8pm local time when DST ends too). This gives me time after work to write up a post if I’m out of backlog, or extra time to edit/revise if it’s needed.
  • I am still aiming to stick to a M-F schedule, and will try to get Part 8 up tomorrow. If I can’t, I will still post Part 8 and Part 9 before the weekend is over, and also have a backlog for next week.
  • I am also still sticking with 20 cycles per episode for now, and I’ve played through cycle 200, so that will be enough for Parts 8-10. This seems to be working out well as a good length for an episode, but I will probably start varying the lengths of episodes in the future depending on how much or little is happening in the game (there’s going to be some long periods later on where we’re doing nothing but printing dupes, catching up on research, and making repeated builds).
  • This means I would only need to play to cycle 280 to have all the content needed for next week, but…the game is really starting to chug. I’m working on some in-game optimizations to improve performance but I pretty much have to run the game at 1x speed, and it’s not even running that fast all the time. Cycles are 600 seconds (10 minutes) so if I can even manage 1:1 speed that would still take over 13 hours to get to cycle 280, not even counting loading, saving, pausing, and menuing. Writing up the posts is quick by comparison.
  • Which is just a lot of words to say I probably will not have the full backlog for next week done by the end of the weekend, so there might be another delayed post or two next week as well. If this continues to be an issue I will probably switch to a 4-day schedule (likely skipping Thursdays) rather than make shorter episodes.
  • Unrelated to ONI, if anyone knows how to get WordPress to show local time to each reader, rather than the same single-timezone setting for everyone, please reach out and let me know.

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