No article for today but here’s some small stuff:

Started on the ONI map for the big tutorial writeup. Currently experiencing some difficulties with some things being in the way of the layout I want to build so it’s a lot of prep just to get up to the point where I can start the build. This might be the fastest I’ve ever put up a SPOM and cooling system though. I took this screenshot on cycle 125 but it was up and running before 100. A few dupes got minorly scalded making the steel but that’s what hospital beds are for.

The thermo regulator is for cooling the food storage pit which won’t happen until the aquatuner boils the water. I may have put a bit too much in.

Went back to the snowday grind last night and reached C3 for the first time since season 14.

I tell it to align center but it still stays on the left.

I’ll also be on minecraft tonight working on a new build in the mall.

It took me a while to figure out what the icons over my avatar were on the Daily ‘dles posts. It’s all the emoji inside the post, stacked up in one spot. I will need to investigate why this happens (probably due to the theme, again) and fix it, but it’s not a high priority.

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