Still trying to get settled in here. This morning was a lot of messing around in the theme’s CSS templates to fix colors, tighten up the sidebar, and adjust spacing. Did not and probably will not fix the comment styles, unless and until I have a good reason to turn comments on again (I can still enabled them for a single post if I need feedback on something).

You’ll also notice within a post that the teaser image from the front page no longer shows up. For now I have to have this on or off for every post but I’d like to be able to selectively turn it off especially on the smaller tweet-style posts I plan to do more of. This will probably involve digging around in some PHP.

Hey, remember when I said I was done with webdev? I can’t get away from it.

At some point I want to figure out how to get it to convert the UTC post times to your local timezone when viewing. So this post says July 11 despite it being July 10 for me (US Eastern time). I can change the site timezone to match but that changes it for everyone. I am somewhat surprised that this isn’t A) a feature in wordpress and B) on by default.

Content-wise: The ONI post is still coming, I just haven’t opened the game in a couple days to put the screenshots together. I’m not going to set myself deadlines for anything but will try to keep up this 2-3 posts per day schedule regardless of progress on the larger projects. I have a lot of filler I can lean back on if necessary.

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