• I’m moving the ONI series to a scheduled thing, e.g. they will post automatically on a regular schedule. I haven’t decided on an exact schedule yet but it will be at least 3 days a week, hopefully 5.
  • I’ve played about 40 cycles past the end of part 3; around 20 cycles per part seems to be the right length for the posts I’m getting out of it but this will probably stretch out later as we get to longer periods of waiting for things to happen.
  • It takes about one and a half to two hours to play 20 cycles (depending on how much pausing happens) so I should be able to easily get three episodes’ worth of content in one weekend, and five shouldn’t be too difficult especially if I squeeze in evenings during the week.
  • So Part 4 will definitely be up today, and I should also have Part 5 ready.
  • I’m probably not going to be posting daily wordles anymore, but will at least do the weekly squardle. I haven’t actually played any this week, which is part of the reason, but also with the planned schedule of longform posts I feel like they would dilute the pool a bit too much.
  • What about the petroleum boiler? I plan on building it in this series, and when I get to that point I’ll probably take a little pause from the series to do the writeup on that.

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