• Got a bit busy with some work stuff so haven’t progressed on any of the ongoing projects. I’m not planning on regular weekend posts anyway, so nothing but this post until Monday at the earliest. (Except maybe wordles if I get around to doing them.)
  • Okay it wasn’t all work stuff, Major League Cricket has also been eating up my evenings. Unfortunately they seem to have completely messed up the social media side of things so even finding highlights is a pain. I was going to support DC out of sheer proximity but they didn’t impress me much and the Orcas have much better logos and uniforms. Supposedly if another season happens, every club will have home games, so I want it to do well so I have the opportunity to go to some games.
  • Text on the website is now justified. I don’t know how I went this long without noticing. (Ironically this doesn’t (shouldn’t?) apply to bulleted lists so you won’t see that here.)
  • I’ve got an idea for a new idle/web game that I’m going to try to knock out a prototype of soon.
  • Found some inspiration for the next Minecraft build. The building no longer exists so all I have is old street view snaps, so it probably will end up having some adjustments made while still retaining the overall style. It’s a shame we don’t have anything that works as dark, weathered brick.
  • Have a bonus rocket league gif:

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