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Blog Paypal doesn't want you reading their new policy
Posted on 19:38:55 08/02/11 by Xerol

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For several months, when I've been logging into Paypal, I've been getting a message that I have until January 2012 to agree to their new Electronic Communications Delivery Policy. I haven't actually read the policy yet, and I generally at least like to skim something before agreeing to it, and since I still have five months I kept clicking the "agree later" option.

Today I received an email asking me to agree to it "today". But the directions say nothing about reading the policy first:

Here's the salient part of it again, emphasis mine this time:

  • Click the link to read the policy
  • Close the policy window that opens when you click on the policy link
  • Click the checkbox to accept the policy
  • Click on "Agree and Continue"

Click the link, close the window without reading it, and then agree. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure Paypal has lawyers, and this email doesn't seem like the kind of thing they would approve, essentially telling people "don't read our policies you can trust us." If this comes back to bite Paypal in the ass, I'll be the first one laughing.


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