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Blog My camera sucks.
Posted on 21:38:09 03/11/08 by Xerol

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I went on a trip to Ocean City Sunday morning and discovered a strange design flaw in my camera. The CCD apparently scans from top to bottom, and being a cheap camera with no shutter, this creates an interesting effect when taking pictures while moving.

i1040 i1041
This is the image that started it all. The sign was actually perfectly vertical. A bit later I noticed that the nearer post had more distortion than the far one. Essentially, by the time the camera's finished scanning, the car's moved far enough that the perspective changes. It's almost like taking a bunch of very short, wide pictures over time and then compositing them all together in the end.


We were accelerating a bit during this one. This is probably the best demonstration of how the perspective changes. This sign actually was bent, making it look even stranger.
The effect is really primarily influenced by relative speed. This truck was going the opposite direction (most of the pictures were out of the passenger side, this one was across the truck and out the driver's side). I just really like this picture for some reason.
The effect somewhat worked sideways as well. This sign wasn't nearly as tall as it looks (nor were the trees or anything else).

I also took some other pictures.


I think this sign was put up after the fact. With Windows X! The boardwalk with snow.

The camera, in case you were wondering, is a DXG-305v.


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