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Just thought I'd give an update to various things since there hasn't been one of any kind in a while. We're working on a few new projects, semi-secretively, and will have some screenshots and demos soon.

I've resurrected my Nibbles clone from the spring and am getting the engine ready to be put into a full game. This is going to be called Snake Lab, and will feature a series of "experiments" (sound familiar?) with you as the snake. In addition to getting through the approximately 20 planned puzzle levels, there's going to be a sandbox mode and multiplayer.

I've been working on the game a lot lately, although nothing new to show yet (I'm in the middle of adding a lot of object code, so I'm in between being able to compile).

I've finally put up the Generations website. It contains the latest version of Generations (0.15) as well as a demonstration video and other information on current and planned features.

Civ RevolutionThe Civilization franchise continues in this next-gen version, intended mainly for the newest line of consoles, although a PC port hasn't been ruled out either. Confirmed releases are spring 2008 for the Xbox360, PS3, and DS, and fall 2008 for the Wii.

More information here.

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