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For several months, when I've been logging into Paypal, I've been getting a message that I have until January 2012 to agree to their new Electronic Communications Delivery Policy. I haven't actually read the policy yet, and I generally at least like to skim something before agreeing to it, and since I still have five months I kept clicking the "agree later" option.

Didn't get to play much in the last month but went deep in a couple PLO tourneys on Cake to make it an up month. Graphs after the jump.

Over the last few weeks I've been having issues on the OCR server, which aren't present on other servers nor experienced by anyone else on the server.

A little out of hand
Our sidebar got a little out of hand on a certain wiki I'm involved with, and while the best solution probably would've been to stop adding crap to it (a charge, incidentally, which I happen to be the most guilty of), I opted for the "code my way out of a paper bag" route. Read on for details, once I post them. They're about halfway typed up, I will finish when I get back from Too Many Games.

Seriously, how do you NOT notice this:

I've updated Generations to work with other life-like CA rules. Video + Stills inside.

PHPMud is back in development and actually kind of a game now. Enemies spawn randomly and you can attack and use pre-programmed skills on them. Pretty soon they'll attack back and you'll have to earn/train skills.


For all your drinking game needs. Use as a bingo card, a blackout card, or just a list. If you have troubles printing please let me know, same with words to suggest adding.

Digg it!

Ajack (v.) - The act of locking up a user's browser with excessive, slow, or broken AJAX. Ex: "Even Firefox 3 gets ajacked by the new Facebook."

I was searching around for some House election polling data and found a map on NPR.org (click on the House tab) that at least detailed which states have close or important races. If you click on a state with such races, it pops up a list of the matchups and a bit of detail on the candidates and the matchup itself, and a statistic about the state that might be important.

States with no important or close matchups, such as the Dakotas, just display a line of text saying "No Key Matchups" and the statistic. Except in the case of Hawaii...

I've done some more work on UnSynth. It's shaping up to be about 12-15 tracks (mostly shorter than my average, so around 45 minutes total) with about half being new tracks. Right now I'm still working on the remakes, having done some more work on Triangle Diplomacy and just yesterday deciding to update The Space Moose.


Also confirmed are a Brushless Motor update, a new version of Trashcan (mainly synth updates), and a Ping (album8) remake.

I think it's about time I started doing some regular blogging. Like most bloggers, I have nothing to talk about, so most of my entries are going to be random nonsense. Purple monkey dishwasher.

Or at least it seemed that way.
Had some big storms come through last night, brought down a bunch of trees. A large branch came down over our porch roof, but only damaged the gutter (we needed a new one anyway). Pictures inside.

The good news is I've recovered all my old code and projects so STRPG, TubeRacer, UNTANK, and a few other games are coming back.
RSS feeds now take a user argument (since I'm not the only one posting anymore) and have been rewritten with clean URLs. Feed at: http://xerol.org/h/feed and my own feed here.

The odometer in my 2000 Ford Ranger rolled over tonight on Bel Air Rd in Baltimore.

Went down to the auto show today. Wasn't too impressed, although I came away with about 10 pounds of booklets.

I went on a trip to Ocean City Sunday morning and discovered a strange design flaw in my camera. The CCD apparently scans from top to bottom, and being a cheap camera with no shutter, this creates an interesting effect when taking pictures while moving.

I'm leaving for MAGFest in about an hour, so I won't be addressing any account requests or other support issues until Sunday.

Showing off a stress test of Generations, running at about 1 generation per frame. The gliders look like little fish swimming about.

At work I was tasked to figure out a problem. Two weeks, a dozen programs, and a lot of frustration later I can finally pin it on Microsoft.

I bought a new knife from walmart because my old one was too dull to cut anything. The opening instructions:

"To open, cut along edge with sharp blade."

Damnit, walmart.
I really don't have anything to post.

Basically, Conway's Game of Life with the third dimension used to show successive states over time. You can download the program (and source) here.

Note 11/20: Oops, fixed the file link.

Illustration coming later.


Seagram's 7 + Tomato Juice = Bad.

Don't ever, EVER try it.

I don't have much use for a cell phone, but between occasionally needing one for work and having a car prone to breakdowns, got one about a year ago. I wasn't going to use it much, so I went with a prepaid, 18c/min plan with no monthly charges. About a month later, I started getting unsolicited messages and phone calls, and being on the plan that I was, this was costing me quite a bit.

Well, a lot more than half. Read on to see before & after shots, and a car crash.

I like Inkscape. It's come in useful many times. Many other times it's screwed me over.

This is just something silly I'm doing for fun and math. Mostly for math. And somewhat for fun. Fun and math.

Since ThaSauce is down (although R:TS isn't) I've decided to start using my own site as...well, my site. So I'm going to start posting news and personal blog stuffs here. I've added some new features for this, namely better topic view and extended text (click the article title to read the rest).

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