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BlogSemi-major bug in Office XP

At work I was tasked to figure out a problem. Two weeks, a dozen programs, and a lot of frustration later I can finally pin it on Microsoft.

Read more... | Posted on 23:51:42 10/20/08 by Xerol | Read 834 times | 3 Comments | Edited 14 times, Last edited 00:13:59 10/21/08
BlogWhat the hell.
I bought a new knife from walmart because my old one was too dull to cut anything. The opening instructions:

"To open, cut along edge with sharp blade."

Damnit, walmart.
Posted on 09:02:44 11/25/07 by Xerol | Read 286 times | 0 Comments
BlogBlogging for the sake of blogging
I really don't have anything to post.
Posted on 04:56:47 11/09/07 by Xerol | Read 283 times | 0 Comments

Basically, Conway's Game of Life with the third dimension used to show successive states over time. You can download the program (and source) here.

Note 11/20: Oops, fixed the file link.

Posted on 12:30:15 11/20/07 by Xerol | Read 1284 times | 0 Comments
FootballWeek 8 Power Rankings and How Much I Hate Google Docs

In this post:

  • Updated power rankings
  • A chart of the progression of the season
  • Why The Chart Makes No Sense or I Tear Google Docs A New One

Read more... | Posted on 23:06:50 10/30/07 by Xerol | Read 308 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsThumbnailer updated

I've modified the image thumbnailer to do a few things differently. The blank space around the edge of the shrunk image is now transparent; there's now a border around the entire thumbnail; the text at the bottom now has the filesize and is centered.

Posted on 23:20:22 10/26/07 by Xerol | Read 296 times | 0 Comments
FootballDear Baltimore
Fire Billick. Seriously. Do it. Because I said so. And because it's the right thing to do. Seriously.

Dear Billick:
Fuck you.

Dear Boller, Stover:
Find a team that will let both of you do what you need to do. Together you will be unstoppable. Assuming you don't have Billick behind you, that is.
Posted on 20:21:05 10/21/07 by Xerol | Read 308 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsReferrals and Cleanup

I've added some new referral tracking features to the site for images and files. They appear at the bottom of each image/file page after the comments. This should be useful if you want to know who's listening to your songs and such.

I've also cleaned up some user accounts that were both not activated and had suspicious email addresses. All accounts have zero access from creation for security purposes, so you have to email me if you want to be able to use your account. From here on any accounts created will be deleted after one week if I don't receive an email with your account information and why I should give you space.

Posted on 06:57:29 10/21/07 by Xerol | Read 298 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsOops.
There was a bit of a problem with viewing files on accounts with no images uploaded. That's fixed now, and I'm going away for the weekend so if anything else is broken, OH WELL.
Posted on 22:57:02 10/05/07 by Xerol | Read 316 times | 0 Comments
BlogThis is spam

Illustration coming later.

Posted on 14:46:50 10/05/07 by Xerol | Read 298 times | 0 Comments
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