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Musicalbum8 Released
Read more... | Posted on 08:50:15 02/07/08 by Xerol | Read 624 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsDigg, Facebook links; Statistics
I've added Digg and Facebook sharing links to news stories (as you can see with the camera post) and also a stats page, which isn't complete yet, but I have to wait for enough data to be generated to make sure the other graphs will work.
Posted on 08:16:28 01/23/08 by Xerol | Read 318 times | 0 Comments
BlogMy camera sucks.

I went on a trip to Ocean City Sunday morning and discovered a strange design flaw in my camera. The CCD apparently scans from top to bottom, and being a cheap camera with no shutter, this creates an interesting effect when taking pictures while moving.

Read more... | Posted on 21:38:09 03/11/08 by Xerol | Read 1014 times | 0 Comments
BlogOff to MAGFest
I'm leaving for MAGFest in about an hour, so I won't be addressing any account requests or other support issues until Sunday.
Posted on 16:41:29 01/03/08 by Xerol | Read 323 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsNew: Listing pages, RSS Feed

I've finally got around to making master file/image lists (i.php and f.php) as well as top image/file lists (popimgs.php and popfiles.php). The latter two URLs are subject to change. You can also access them by clicking on the appropriate header on the main page.

Read more... | Posted on 13:32:04 12/31/07 by Xerol | Read 474 times | 0 Comments
BlogNew Generations Video

Showing off a stress test of Generations, running at about 1 generation per frame. The gliders look like little fish swimming about.

Posted on 00:56:37 12/31/07 by Xerol | Read 311 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsGraphics Contest!

If you noticed, the site is ugly. I'm holding a contest to get some new graphics.

What I need:

  • Upper left logo replacement (must use same general design/colors) - 99x99px
  • Thumbnailer icon (see sidebar on main page)
  • Link icon (see bottom of some of the most viewed images pages)
  • New icons for audio, video, zip/rar, and text
  • Replacements for the topic icons (see topics.php)
  • Maybe a new background image (but same color/etc. again)

Winner gets a 100MB account (or 100MB added on to their existing account).

Read more... | Posted on 01:00:25 12/25/07 by Xerol | Read 1170 times | 0 Comments
MusicPiano Videos
"Read" on to see two videos of some of my music.
Read more... | Posted on 08:35:33 12/24/07 by Xerol | Read 557 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsCoding Time

I'm going to have some time to code this weekend. Most of that's going into ThaSauce but if anyone has any suggestions/requests for hdot please leave a comment.

Posted on 19:53:51 12/21/07 by Xerol | Read 305 times | 0 Comments
Site News1000 Images!
This is a milestone. Not that it actually means anything but it's an excuse to post something when I haven't done so for quite some time.
Posted on 09:28:16 12/21/07 by Xerol | Read 307 times | 0 Comments
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