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BlogGame of Life: Multiplayer

Read more... | Posted on 02:57:43 05/19/08 by Xerol | Read 484 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsReversi

A massive game of Reversi that anyone can play. Click on a green tile to make a move.
Posted on 03:33:20 05/06/08 by Xerol | Read 326 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsAcroblast and the Broken Login
I know the login is broken, use the login page instead for now. It's got to do with Acroblast (which is also broken, but for a different reason - it's not finished) and will be back to normal once the game is running.
Posted on 06:40:28 04/21/08 by Xerol | Read 262 times | 0 Comments
MusicSynthCrap Vol. 1 Released

After a year of delays and setbacks, SynthCrap Vol. 1 is finally finished. The album consists of ten ambient and electronic tracks totalling nearly an hour, and a hard copy release is planned for sometime this summer.

Download the album at http://music.xerol.org/synthcrap/

Posted on 02:28:33 04/07/08 by Xerol | Read 57240 times | 0 Comments
BlogI hate debugging.

The good news is I've recovered all my old code and projects so STRPG, TubeRacer, UNTANK, and a few other games are coming back.
Posted on 11:12:59 03/22/08 by Xerol | Read 261 times | 0 Comments
BlogRSS Updated
RSS feeds now take a user argument (since I'm not the only one posting anymore) and have been rewritten with clean URLs. Feed at: http://xerol.org/h/feed and my own feed here.
Posted on 03:32:05 03/13/08 by Xerol | Read 234 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsClean URLs: Part One
I have clean URLs working for images and files (basically only in f.php and i.php, which now show up/link as /file and /img respectively), and news (viewstory.php and topics.php, /news and /topic(s)). There is some basic functionality in /user (formerly viewprofile.php, which still needs some cleanup). I have a lot of tweaking to do before profile/my account pages work properly, but the old links still work (and probably always will) so I left them in for now.
Read more... | Posted on 06:44:47 03/10/08 by Xerol | Read 506 times | 0 Comments
Site Newsh.xerol.org will be broken soon.
Due to some complicated problems with mod_rewrite and making clean/trackable URLs for images and files, I've decided to ditch the subdomain. It will still be there, and it will still work, but everyone is encouraged to use http://xerol.org/h from now on. All on-site URLs will be converted to the new clean format, although the old ones will continue to work indefinitely.
Posted on 05:12:35 03/10/08 by Xerol | Read 253 times | 0 Comments
BlogOdometer Rollover

The odometer in my 2000 Ford Ranger rolled over tonight on Bel Air Rd in Baltimore.

Read more... | Posted on 04:16:11 03/08/08 by ac12013 | Read 526 times | 1 Comments
BlogGallery: Baltimore Auto Show

Went down to the auto show today. Wasn't too impressed, although I came away with about 10 pounds of booklets.

Read more... | Posted on 21:25:40 02/09/08 by Xerol | Read 427 times | 0 Comments
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