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NewsSnake Lab

I've resurrected my Nibbles clone from the spring and am getting the engine ready to be put into a full game. This is going to be called Snake Lab, and will feature a series of "experiments" (sound familiar?) with you as the snake. In addition to getting through the approximately 20 planned puzzle levels, there's going to be a sandbox mode and multiplayer.

Read more... | Posted on 07:53:21 07/30/08 by Xerol | Read 816 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsFile Info Images

These provide a shorter way to link to files (in BBCode at least, the HTML has some extra attributes to keep it compliant) and a much better presentation on whatever site you're linking files on.

Read more... | Posted on 19:12:47 07/26/08 by Xerol | Read 624 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsMain Page Open

I'm moving a lot of the non-hosting related material to the main page, http://xerol.org/. The only posted items that will appear on hdot now are those from the "news" and "site news" categories.

Posted on 07:10:34 07/24/08 by Xerol | Read 430 times | 0 Comments
MusicNew Album!

Today I started on my next planned album, UnSynth. For the most part it'll be a collection of the better and more popular tracks from my other synth albums (mainly SynthCrap Vol. 1 and album8), as well as a few new tracks. The old tracks will be essentially re-created from scratch now that I have more of an idea of what I'm doing musically.

I've started on the first track, a re-make of Triangle Diplomacy from SynthCrap. Most of the remade tracks are going to keep their old names, or may be modified slightly. Here's a preview (not finished): Xerol-UnSynth-01TriangleDiplomacy.mp3

Posted on 03:38:43 07/24/08 by Xerol | Read 625 times | 0 Comments

Or at least it seemed that way.
Posted on 08:01:01 07/16/08 by Xerol | Read 334 times | 0 Comments
NewsNew STRPG Music

I've been working on the game a lot lately, although nothing new to show yet (I'm in the middle of adding a lot of object code, so I'm in between being able to compile).

Read more... | Posted on 23:44:22 06/21/08 by Xerol | Read 736 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsUpdated download arrow.

Yeah this sure is "news". Actually I just wanted to remark on the relative difficulty of making an icon look good at 16x16. Obviously fewer and more contrasting colors are better, but using Inkscape it's hard to avoid the temptation to use a lot of gradients. But anyway, to the right here is the icon in large format (since I was shrinking it down I didn't really care about lining up the outline exactly) and the SVG.

Posted on 17:36:48 06/21/08 by Xerol | Read 968 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsDirect Download Links
I've added some direct download links to the recent/popular files blocks on the main page. I'll be adding these to the other file lists soon and also making a custom icon (this one is temporary).
Posted on 17:01:07 06/17/08 by Xerol | Read 327 times | 0 Comments
NewsGenerations Website/Update

I've finally put up the Generations website. It contains the latest version of Generations (0.15) as well as a demonstration video and other information on current and planned features.

Read more... | Posted on 04:49:15 07/08/08 by Xerol | Read 2297 times | 0 Comments
BlogStorm Damage
Had some big storms come through last night, brought down a bunch of trees. A large branch came down over our porch roof, but only damaged the gutter (we needed a new one anyway). Pictures inside.
Read more... | Posted on 06:00:10 06/12/08 by Xerol | Read 455 times | 0 Comments
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