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Site NewsMulti-thumbing and important account changes

I'll preface this by saying that no existing links should break. That being said, some existing links may break, albeit unintentionally.

I've laid down the groundwork for creating multiple and custom thumbnails for uploaded images, but it'll be a short while before that's actually in. I had to modify the databases which may have brought some thumbnails down for a short time.

Read more... | Posted on 09:27:45 10/06/08 by Xerol | Read 693 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsNew Colors

I think I'm finally satisfied with a color scheme. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Since I've finally finished with that, I can make some new fitting icons/images to go around the site. Also I will be changing the file link images and thumbnail colors soon. Instead of having a single choice you'll get to choose when you upload, and fairly soon I want to allow multiple thumbnail sizes and adding thumbnails to images already uploaded. Soon, not now. Now I sleep.

Posted on 07:24:12 10/03/08 by Xerol | Read 834 times | 0 Comments
BlogWord of the Day: Ajack

Ajack (v.) - The act of locking up a user's browser with excessive, slow, or broken AJAX. Ex: "Even Firefox 3 gets ajacked by the new Facebook."

Posted on 15:40:19 09/26/08 by Xerol | Read 531 times | 0 Comments
BlogHawaii's Riveting House Races

I was searching around for some House election polling data and found a map on NPR.org (click on the House tab) that at least detailed which states have close or important races. If you click on a state with such races, it pops up a list of the matchups and a bit of detail on the candidates and the matchup itself, and a statistic about the state that might be important.

States with no important or close matchups, such as the Dakotas, just display a line of text saying "No Key Matchups" and the statistic. Except in the case of Hawaii...

Read more... | Posted on 18:27:32 09/18/08 by Xerol | Read 736 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsNew Icons

I've added some navigational icons to the upper left. Still working out some CSS issues (namely why I can't get the background color to change on hover) and will probably tweak the icons a little when I have more time. Also I know music.xerol.org is empty/broken, I'm still working on that.

Posted on 23:16:24 09/17/08 by Xerol | Read 648 times | 0 Comments
BlogUnSynth Progress

I've done some more work on UnSynth. It's shaping up to be about 12-15 tracks (mostly shorter than my average, so around 45 minutes total) with about half being new tracks. Right now I'm still working on the remakes, having done some more work on Triangle Diplomacy and just yesterday deciding to update The Space Moose.


Also confirmed are a Brushless Motor update, a new version of Trashcan (mainly synth updates), and a Ping (album8) remake.

Posted on 15:14:41 09/17/08 by Xerol | Read 359 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsSessions

I've changed around the session code on the site a bit. If you have login problems or issues anywhere else on the site please contact me. Info is at the bottom of every page.

Posted on 01:55:48 09/16/08 by Xerol | Read 653 times | 0 Comments

I think it's about time I started doing some regular blogging. Like most bloggers, I have nothing to talk about, so most of my entries are going to be random nonsense. Purple monkey dishwasher.

Read more... | Posted on 21:25:01 09/09/08 by Xerol | Read 490 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsNew layout

I've made some significant layout and CSS changes, and I'm working on moving entirely away from a table-based layout soon.

Posted on 04:29:09 09/07/08 by Xerol | Read 866 times | 0 Comments
NewsSo, what's going on?

Just thought I'd give an update to various things since there hasn't been one of any kind in a while. We're working on a few new projects, semi-secretively, and will have some screenshots and demos soon.

Posted on 04:28:50 09/07/08 by Xerol | Read 609 times | 0 Comments
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