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MusicPreorder UnSynth!

Update 1/22: Proof arrived, (see http://xerol.org/h/news/94) but the disc color printed wrong. If it's something that can be easily mitigated, it'll be another week or so for another proof, otherwise we'll just go live on Tuesday.

Update 1/16: Proof is en route as of Friday, after I receive it we'll be good to go for sales. I estimate 7-10 business days.

Update 1/14: I've updated the album page with 30-second previews of all tracks.

UnSynth is officially going on sale in a couple weeks, both as a CD purchase and digital download. The post-release CD will sell for $12.99, but you can pre-order it now for only $9.99 + shipping. In addition, all pre-orders come autographed, thereby satisfying one of the 5 achievements.

I'm not exactly sure when the album will become available for purchase, so I'm leaving the pre-order open for one month from today, that is until February 13, 2010. Even if the album comes out before then you'll still be able to order directly through paypal at the discounted price. Pre-orders should ship within a week of the actual release date.

Here's a preview track - Track 6: Gravity Reactor.

Click below to begin pre-order purchase

Posted on 21:54:14 01/13/10 by Xerol | Read 445 times | 0 Comments | Edited 4 times, Last edited 16:32:00 01/22/10
MusicMusic now on Amazon MP3; UnSynth Update

So far I've uploaded album5 and Wasted Space Redux, which are still available for free, but if you enjoy my music and want to give me an early Christmas present, they're now available on Amazon MP3.

UnSynth will only completely be available for purchase, the page will have previews of all tracks and full downloads of a couple. Right now I've finished 12 of 24 tracks and have another 8 somewhat far along, so I'm optimistically setting a March 16, 2010 release date.

Posted on 17:59:30 12/17/09 by Xerol | Read 367 times | 0 Comments
MusicWasted Space Redux

Explanation on page.

Posted on 09:11:29 11/24/09 by Xerol | Read 580 times | 0 Comments | Edited 1 time, Last edited 09:12:05 11/24/09
Site NewsNew Feature: Daily Toplists

I've added a new feature to the sidebar, daily toplists. These reset at whatever midnight server time is until I can figure out a way to do a rolling 24 hour block without taking up 4 billion rows of database space.

Note: The links at the top of the sections point to pages I haven't written yet. I'm working on a revamped listing system which will integrate searches, clean URLs, and filtering. This may take a few days.

Posted on 14:29:23 10/21/09 by Xerol | Read 392 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsTemporarily Disabling Comments

I'm temporarily disabling news comments due to a spam leak. Should get them back up by the next time I post news.

Posted on 04:19:20 10/13/09 by Xerol | Read 377 times | 0 Comments
BlogJune Poker

Didn't get to play much in the last month but went deep in a couple PLO tourneys on Cake to make it an up month. Graphs after the jump.

Read more... | Posted on 05:08:33 07/01/09 by Xerol | Read 577 times | 0 Comments | Edited 1 time, Last edited 05:16:02 07/01/09
BlogTF2 Lag Issues

Over the last few weeks I've been having issues on the OCR server, which aren't present on other servers nor experienced by anyone else on the server.

Read more... | Posted on 03:23:59 06/22/09 by Xerol | Read 609 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsSite Maintenance

I've got some minor backend changes to make that may require the site to be down for some periods of time over the next 48 hours. I'm starting with a backup of everything so worst case scenario anything you upload over the weekend may disappear.

Posted on 17:14:16 06/05/09 by Xerol | Read 496 times | 0 Comments
BlogMediaWiki Collapsible Sidebar Sections

A little out of hand
Our sidebar got a little out of hand on a certain wiki I'm involved with, and while the best solution probably would've been to stop adding crap to it (a charge, incidentally, which I happen to be the most guilty of), I opted for the "code my way out of a paper bag" route. Read on for details, once I post them. They're about halfway typed up, I will finish when I get back from Too Many Games.
Posted on 12:27:17 05/03/09 by Xerol | Read 631 times | 0 Comments | Edited 2 times, Last edited 19:34:29 05/08/09
BlogOh fuck what just happened
Read more... | Posted on 09:40:24 03/19/09 by Xerol | Read 2305 times | 0 Comments | Edited 1 time, Last edited 19:32:09 05/08/09
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