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NewsCivilization Revolution

Civ RevolutionThe Civilization franchise continues in this next-gen version, intended mainly for the newest line of consoles, although a PC port hasn't been ruled out either. Confirmed releases are spring 2008 for the Xbox360, PS3, and DS, and fall 2008 for the Wii.

More information here.

Posted on 05:05:13 09/22/07 by Xerol | Read 217 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsMinor Fixes, Improvements
I added thumbnail links to the front page and profile pages for images that have them, added HTML code for images, and increased the font size on the code blocks.
Posted on 21:47:50 07/23/07 by Xerol | Read 254 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsEmbeds aren't working right now.
I accidentally forked the codebase and overwrote the live code with an older version when putting in comments, so I'm just going to have to rewrite the embed code. Just not now, it's late.
Posted on 04:36:50 07/10/07 by Xerol | Read 256 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsComment on images and files
You can now comment on all images and files. Every existing file has comments enabled by default, but soon you'll be able to choose whether or not comments can be posted on a file or image, along with a few more options.
Posted on 21:29:22 07/09/07 by Xerol | Read 301 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsSnazzy new graphics
I've recently started twiddling with Inkscape, so I'm making some new site graphics with it. First up is the logo in the upper-left, which is already in, after that I'll be doing new backgrounds and topic images, plus some fancy buttons.
Posted on 03:54:05 07/06/07 by Xerol | Read 269 times | 2 Comments
Site NewsFlash, Music Embedding
Files with certain extentions (swf, mp3, mid) now are embedded on the page when you view a file. More will come when ready.
Posted on 21:26:25 06/28/07 by Xerol | Read 276 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsNew image features!
I've just added a few new features to the image code. You can now opt to not have a thumbnail, or can pick from 4 different thumbnail sizes.

If you have any issues with the new thumbnails, leave a comment and I'll look into it.
Posted on 04:46:36 02/12/07 by Xerol | Read 298 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsTubeRacer!
I guess I need a "games" topic. I'll add it later.
Anyway, TubeRacer, my latest game project. Get it!
Posted on 06:49:14 11/11/06 by Xerol | Read 286 times | 0 Comments
Site NewsHoly 200 Files, Batman!
So we hit 200 files, finally. Not really news, but I just wanted to test out the updated news posting system, for bugs and stuff.
Posted on 02:28:10 10/23/06 by Xerol | Read 280 times | 0 Comments
MusicThis is sort of a blog, too.
So I'll be posting here whenever I put out new music and such.
Posted on 04:08:14 09/26/06 by Xerol | Read 317 times | 0 Comments
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