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Blog June Poker
Posted on 05:08:33 07/01/09 by Xerol
Edited 1 time, Last edited 05:16:02 07/01/09

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Didn't get to play much in the last month but went deep in a couple PLO tourneys on Cake to make it an up month. Graphs after the jump.


Notes: Mostly played MTTs, threw in a couple $5 PLO HU SNGs, kept losing 70/30s or better in Hold'em MTTs. Also played some PLO cash (.05/.10 mostly), up about $20 on that action (not shown on graph).


Notes: I only had about $20 on Stars and half-assedly attempted to clear 250 FPPs in a day with $1 DoNs. I didn't even get close. Downswing at the end was playing a couple MTTs.


Notes: Almost all of this was satellite action except the last half dozen or so, which were $3.50+.30 45-man superturbos. Took 2nd in one, bubbled another, got crushed early in the rest. Of course 6 superturbos isn't any serious sample size. I might move a chunk of Cake over in July and grind those.

Just for fun, here's my lifetime graphs.




General notes: The Cake dip around game #50 was staked, so I didn't lose any of my own money there. The big drop on Stars was half-staked, so I did lose $50 of my own money on that. Overall I'm up about $350 from MTTs/SNGs, and another $200 (not shown) from cash.


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