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Blog Oh fuck what just happened
Posted on 09:40:24 03/19/09 by Xerol
Edited 1 time, Last edited 19:32:09 05/08/09

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Okay, not really. It's somewhat convincing (if you have people going around shotgunning LCDs). This started with a quest to find a bigger version of the cracked LCD wallpaper that makes for a good pranking (since most of the LCDs I'd want to use it on are larger and stretching the 1024x768 image just doesn't look right).

I started by making a random crack generator, which would pick a spot, smack down a couple black patches and radiate a couple dozen lines out, then do some vertical color bars. Most of this stayed the same throughout with a few minor modifications. I added solid black/white areas (either between cracks or to the edge of the screen) and changed it into a screensaver-like program where you can click to crack the screen.


It's pretty believable at first. I've got some other versions that can operate on an input file and want to do a lot of settings tweaks too.


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