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Site News Final Stages of Refactoring
Posted on 18:01:12 02/01/09 by Xerol

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As you can probably tell, the site looks a little different now. I'm finishing up refactoring the code, and putting in some minor design changes to respond to criticism and suggestions I've received over the last few months. The header bar is half the height, and I've adjusted the ad box accordingly (I should be able to bring in a bit more revenue now that there's another slot).

One unseen change that is yet to take effect is bandwidth metering. Everything's in place to start running it, but I want to give users a little heads-up before I enable it.

Basically, it works like this: Each user gets a bandwidth quota, which renews every hour. As images and files are downloaded from off-site, this quota is used up. Keep in mind this includes thumbnails, which is one thing I still have to finish up (creating multiple thumbnails for each image). When your quota is up, embedded images and thumbnails will be replaced with a "Bandwidth Exceeded" image, but will still be viewable on the site, so using the provided link code is important! Direct-linked files, instead of downloading, will simply redirect to the information page. Each time the on-site page is visited, your bandwidth quota will recharge a little. I've yet to determine a good value for this (or for the hourly quota, which will probably adjust as you add files) but it will probably be around 1MB per click per unique IP, less if the file is small (under 50kb or so). I'll work out the exact numbers later but this is basically determined by my hosting cost, the amount of bandwidth I go through in a month, and approximately how much I make on advertising per non-blocked clickthrough.

Like I said before, I won't just drop this on everyone without giving prior notice. There's still some work to be done before it's implemented, and it's really only necessary to mitigate (and monetize) traffic bursts that account for the majority of the site's bandwidth usage.


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