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Site News Multi-thumbing and important account changes
Posted on 09:27:45 10/06/08 by Xerol

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I'll preface this by saying that no existing links should break. That being said, some existing links may break, albeit unintentionally.

I've laid down the groundwork for creating multiple and custom thumbnails for uploaded images, but it'll be a short while before that's actually in. I had to modify the databases which may have brought some thumbnails down for a short time.

There will be some changes to how you upload files and create thumbnails. First off, the upload page will be simplified to a simple upload box. No one uses the Description field anyway so I'll let you edit that after uploading. It'll detect whether the uploaded file is an image or not, and send it to the appropriate database, and then send you to the image/file's page. Once there, you'll be able to create thumbnails, edit the description, and change some other options that I've been meaning to add for a while.

As of whenever this goes in, thumbnails will take up a part of your storage quota. You'll get the option of making a PNG or JPG thumbnail if you want to have lower-quality thumbnails to save space, and various size and color options. This doesn't effect previously thumbnailed images, so your used space won't go up, but if you make another identical thumbnail after the new script is in, it will use up some of your quota.

I'm also going to be bringing in the captcha-based comment script from the news area, and letting you choose between no comments, registered user comments, or public comments on each individual file. With that there's also going to be some comment moderation options (which I've needed to put in for a while as a few bots have made it through the cheap homemade captcha I've put up) so the file owner and any site administrator can edit/delete comments (although only administrators will be able to permanently delete a comment, this is in case we need to investigate abuse).

I've also been working on a TOS page, a coupon code system, and the dreaded bandwidth quota. That last part shouldn't be too bad, the few of you who actually use the accounts I've given generally don't go overboard, and in the one exception I can think of I'll give a decent sized quota anyway because it's being put to good use. However, this makes it important to use the provided code, especially the link part, as it allows people to visit the site to view the content, and every page view recharges your bandwidth a little.

Going back to thumbnails for a minute, animated GIFs have always been a problem, and I probably won't solve it immediately with the new system, but I will eventually allow you to make a "thumbnail" which is just a preview of the first frame, which will allow people to click and view the full animation in-page. Remember: only off-site views will use your bandwidth, so making people visit the site is a good thing! Plus, it keeps the hosting free.


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