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Site News Graphics Contest!
Posted on 01:00:25 12/25/07 by Xerol

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If you noticed, the site is ugly. I'm holding a contest to get some new graphics.

What I need:

  • Upper left logo replacement (must use same general design/colors) - 99x99px
  • Thumbnailer icon (see sidebar on main page)
  • Link icon (see bottom of some of the most viewed images pages)
  • New icons for audio, video, zip/rar, and text
  • Replacements for the topic icons (see topics.php)
  • Maybe a new background image (but same color/etc. again)

Winner gets a 100MB account (or 100MB added on to their existing account).


  1. Must submit a full set of images, including a logo (99x99px), the list of icons mentioned above (at 16x16px), a set of topic images (96x32), and optionally a new background image.
  2. All images must be submitted in PNG and SVG format.
  3. Submissions must be sent to xerol@xerol.org with the subject "Graphics Contest" by 11:59PM EST on January 7, 2008.
  4. Entrants must register an hdot account and post a link to their account in their submission.
  5. Winners are chosen solely by Xerol on behalf of xerol.org and will receive either a new 100MB hosting account or an additional 100MB of storage on an existing account. Additionally, one or more runners-up may be chosen with smaller prizes as determined at the time of judging.


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