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Blog Hair: Half Off
Posted on 11:50:31 09/22/07 by Xerol

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Well, a lot more than half. Read on to see before & after shots, and a car crash.

We went out around noon, got haircuts, and stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Somehow this car managed to get itself into that tree. We couldn't get a wider shot, but basically the car would've had to have been going through the drive-thru backwards, at a very high rate of speed to jump the curb.

Anyway, on to the original point.

On the left, me last Wednesday. On the right, me today. I didn't notice until now how much my hair had thinned, it's something I'm going to have to keep an eye on in the future. On the plus side it's much easier to manage and I don't have to use half a bottle of shampoo every day.


Posted on 22:54:37 09/22/07 by Xerol
Posted on 22:56:38 09/22/07 by Xerol
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