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Site News Front Page Updates, Part III
Posted on 20:25:19 06/01/10 by Xerol
Edited 1 time, Last edited 20:26:21 06/01/10

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I think that's mostly done. Everything's templated away and safe to use on multiple pages, all the image listings are updated (including most viewed today and all-time) with both the old tabular view and the new gallery view, file listings are only updated for the most downloaded pages (I'll probably get to the main file listing tomorrow). All of these pages are now (or will be, in the case of the master file list) under the same templates, so a lot of that weirdness as you went from pages styled ever-so-slightly differently should be gone soon.

In non-gallery news there's now a quick upload feature on the right sidebar (main page only), upload quota restrictions now prohibit you from uploading whatsoever if you're over (and will now kick off a file that causes you to go over - no more 115% of upload usage), and overall there's been some slight font/text/etc. changes.

Still to come: Re-thumbnailing existing uploads, proper user-created image galleries (this is a big one as it means new db tables), some basic video playback features (and other types of media), some rudimentary SVG support, and finally getting into the payment processing stuff to open it up to the general public.


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